Announcement: Short-Term Consulting/New Easy-Booking Service Available Now!


I am proud to announce that short-term booking is now a viable option to my clients. With the help of this new service, you will be able to book me for short sessions (1 or 2 hours) without any fuss. I will help you solve any issues during your appointment.

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The idea behind this improvement is pretty recent. When faced with difficulties in booking a hotel room, I started thinking about my own business. You see, most hotels do not update the availability of their rooms online – in most cases, you have to call several hotels or send out e-mails and wait for an answer. Unfortunately, busy people don’t always have the luxury of time. This booking flaw was unfortunately also present in my business model: clients couldn’t book me in a very efficient way, so I decided to make some changes, making it easier for customers to book me for various small projects.


Here are the steps you need to follow in order to successfully book me:


  1. Follow the link you received via e-mail
  2. Select your preferred package(‘1 hour’, ‘2 hours’ or ‘24/7, 2 hours’) and click on it
  3. After being redirected to my calendar, choose your preferred time for the appointment (available and unavailable working hours will be listed differently to avoid confusion)
  4. Send payment using your credit card
  5. After the processing of your payment, you will receive an invitation to an online meeting (which will take place on the GoToMeeting platform) – accept the invitation
  6. Join the meeting at the time previously selected by you, share your desktop with me, and see your problem getting solved!


The first 30 minutes of our meeting are very important. We will get down to business as soon as the meeting starts. If you genuinely think that my help wasn’t what you needed, if you feel that you’re not closer to finding the right solution during minute 30 than you were during minute 1, then you are free to ask for a refund. With the guarantee of reimbursement, you shouldn’t hesitate to request my services.


I am able to help you in all kinds of SAP PI/PO matters, from problem solving and mapping to design issues and honest feedback. If you need someone to help you with specific integration solutions, I am your best bet.


To celebrate this innovative easy-booking feature, I will also be offering a 50% discount on standard services, for a limited amount of time. The special offer lasts until the end of April 2015.


The 24/7, 2-hour package is best if you’re looking for help in urgent matters. All it takes is a phone call and we’ll be on the fast track to solving your problem – within 2 hours. If I cannot make it, you are free to request a reimbursement/rescheduled meeting.


Read more about my services and their characteristics on this website.


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