BPMN Cannot invoke call from within a transactional context


This error occurs when there are some inconsistencies in your BPMN’s contents (the data). If you look at some of the error descriptions and search for this, you might end up with no relevant information. The only way of solving this is by importing the service interface again, and then deploying the BPMN. When these steps are completed, everything will be working again. This might not be the easiest problem to solve, since the error doesn’t give out a lot of information about what went wrong. However, once you realize what you’re dealing with, you’ll be able to handle this error.



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Process ‘BPMN_002_pool’ sat til ‘With Error’
A technical error occured during invocation of operation ‘SI_002_process_OA’ of interface ‘SI_002_process_OA’: ‘Could not invoke service reference name 67dc573b-6244-42ba-8f10-59ea4be7b61c, component name figaf.com~ip002~BPMcomponent, application namewww.figaf.com/ip002.‘. Further information: root exception Message ‘Technical errors were encountered during proxy call through XI; Hint: Error while sending message. Reason: Error sending MS message. Exception: Cannot invoke call from within a transactional context.’; message ID ‘4c05f24ade8411e48c3c0000001caa16′; log ID ‘C000C0A886C9023A0000000800000728′



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