SAP PI/PO Mentoring Program

Learn in just 8 weeks.

Train with one of the best SAP PI/PO developers and become a better integration developer!

You probably have less than three years of SAP PI/PO experience and you often run into design challenges that you don’t know how to handle. You know that you can be a better developer, but you don’t have the opportunity to learn while working on your current project, or you just haven’t met the right people to bounce ideas off of.

Now you have the option to boost your SAP PI/PO experience and skills during this 8-week program. It will start on the 11th of May and end on the 3rd of July.

 SAP PI/PO Mentoring Program

I did a recent survey regarding the SAP PI/PO learning process. One of the things that helped developers advance was having somebody to communicate with. That is why I am launching this program: to help developers become much better at what they do. My goal is to create a generation of better developers, who can thrive in the new cloud reality.

Today, these skills matter more than ever, and I believe that I’ll be able to offer the participants the knowledge they need.

Benefits for you

  • You will become a better developer faster, with better understanding of integration topics
  • You will receive feedback on your development or design
  • Some challenge in the area of various SAP PI/PO development approaches and tools will help you design better solutions
  • Someone will be there to provide answers to your most burning questions
  • You will be asked to share your experience with developing scenarios - your voice will be heard
  • You will be able to understand what your external consultants are saying

What is in the program

I have carefully crated the different parts of the program to make you boost your skills as much as possible. What you will receive from the program:

  • Once every two weeks, you will receive a 1-hour coaching session with Daniel. In this session, we will talk about your situation and your issues. I go through the issues, and help you with all the questions you may have.
  • Once every two weeks, you will receive a 2-hour group coaching. During this call every participant joins a meeting. You then get to ask questions, to exercise, or to inquire about design challenges that have occurred in your projects. Your questions may be interesting to others as well, because they might struggle with the same issues. The problems/solutions we talk about will give you more insight into methods of solving some of your own design issues.
  • 4 learning exercises, where I create a business scenario to solve something that I find the group will need.
  • Email/Skype access in reasonable amounts. If you run into a problem, you can send me an email/Skype message in between our calls.
  • Bonus: My PI and BPM course - 394$

Convince your boss

Most organizations that employ SAP PI/PO developers and consultants have an established budget for training. You have probably already participated in an introductory SAP PI/PO course.

There is a huge difference between the productivity of a beginner and that of an experienced developer. It makes a big difference if you are able to use SAP PI/PO fully. You will be able to easily create integration scenarios and mappings much more efficiently, thereby saving time on the products.

It will take 2-4 hours a week for the participants to develop the exercises and get feedback on their work for the week. Your developer will get feedback on the current development, so they will be able to make changes to the current scenario.

The price is about half of that of a standard 5-day SAP PI course.


Normally, SAP training programs are rather expensive. I want to get some good customer stories with this program, so I am going to set the price lower. The price is $1400 (about €1300). There is a limit of 10 for this program because I want to give you all of my attention.

My program is around half the price of a current SAP Standard course.

I can send you an invoice and sign an NDA for an extra €100. Must be paid before the 20th of May for you to continue the program.


The program is about becoming better developers. Its prerequisite is the realization that we are not always in the possession of the right answer. Sometimes, guidance is needed from more experienced professionals.

To be a part of the program, you must be wanting to improve and share what you are doing. If not your will just waste our time, so then it will not be program for you.

Want to know more

Is the program right for you? You can get a free 30-minute session where we can talk about where you are and what you expect from a mentoring program. This way, you will find out if the program is a proper match for your expectations. select the short meeting with me and choose a time.

Or give me a call on +45 29723688 or email 

If you are waiting for approval from your boss let me know so I can reserve your spot.

About Instructor

daniel-graversen-profile (1)Daniel Graversen is an appointed SAP Mentor for his contribution to the SAP PI/PO community. He is actively sharing what he learns and he sees what is coming. He has been developing SAP integrations for 10+ years. The interfaces he has delivered are processing critical business scenarios for big and small companies, processing messages with a value of over $1 billion every day.
Daniel has been involved in various projects: he has been mentoring in-house consultants who wanted to continue development work; he is also teaching people about starting their careers in SAP PI/PO, on his website:
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Daniel at:

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