New SAP PI/PO Course Concerning the RFC, IDoc and Proxy Adapters

SAP Adapter Course

SAP Adapter Course

As SAP adapters are vital to most integrations, many of the students who participated in my SAP courses have requested a course specifically designed to teach them the details of using these adapters.


I always listen to my students’ requests, and I genuinely wish to help them improve their PO developing skills. This course will teach students how to use RFC/BAPI, IDoc, and Proxy adapters to connect to SAP ABAP back-end systems.


The following information is included for all adapters:

  • Preliminary connections required
  • Channel configuration
  • Mapping of the data structure
  • Monitoring the solution
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tips

As for the RFC and Proxy adapters, you will learn how to code in them.


The new course also contains a large amount of free advice you can use for learning every step of the way.


Connecting the ABAP system to PO is quite easy, albeit you will probably face minor inconveniences from time to time. As your tutor, I will guide you through all the steps you need to take, showing you how to configure the adapters, and teaching you how to perform debugging whenever you face certain errors.


The course consists of 4 hours of video. The content focuses on teaching you how to use the adapters.


For a limited time, the price is only $97 . You save $50 off the normal price until the 30th of  June!

The videos will remain available to you forever, so you can stay up-to-date with the content.


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