Show Me Your Best Work

Best Work

Best Work

As developers, we seldom get to show off.


We create something that is smart, beneficial to our lives, and valuable to our future development processes. We do not get to share our ideas and creations, and we think it is just just the way it usually happens.


I am creating a series on best practices. I want to see some great design patterns. Your submission can include all sorts of integrations in which you have discovered a solution that makes things a lot easier.

It could be a method you use for doing integration, the way you manage your suppliers’ different mappings, or how you keep track of B2B mappings. Have you created any killer UDFs (User Defined Fields)? Which of your projects makes you particularly proud?


Book a 30-minute session, and share your best work with me. I’ll use the ideas that I receive in my presentation, and I won’t be sharing any confidential data. This is about helping the community of SAP professionals create better solutions.


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