Will doing SAP PI/PO Support Help You Learn?


support button on keyboardAs an SAP mentor who works/worked with Process Integration (PI), Process Orchestration (PO), and Exchange Infrastructure (XI), I wanted to find out more about other people’s experiences with SAP. I recently created a survey. In it, there were questions related to the learning process of the respondents. I wanted to know how they started learning PI, PO or XI, and what were their most successful methods and techniques.


One thing I forgot to ask was whether the participants have used Support or not. I think this is an important element of the learning process. Support can help you see what other people have done before you: you can figure out why they employed certain scenarios, and you can take a look at different mappings (and the errors they might contain). In order to be able to correct them, you need to learn a lot about the structure of different mappings. I think that by discovering other people’s work – and errors – you can acquire more knowledge. First of all, you are faced with the framework, which shows you how issues are dealt with; then you can implement certain features.


Discovering different projects and errors will also make you understand why some issues need to be solved differently. If you document yourself before starting to work on something, by the time you start working, you will already know what to design in order to avoid the support incidents you’ve seen.


Performing SAP PI/PO support helps by lending you the experience acquired by others – in fact, you receive experience more easily. Obviously, a good developer will not use Support for, let’s say, five years, but it is totally acceptable for a future professional to use it for about a year. The priority is to understand how the framework is functioning; then, enhancements need to be done. Once you know how everything works, it will be easier for you to take the leap from theory to practice.

Is using Support a good idea? What are your experiences with it? How much Support should someone use before starting their first project? Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic.


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