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I liked your course. I bought the course before my new job as an integration consultant.  I went the material through as an appetizer. When I started to use SAP PO in real life and I had an overview of basic functionalities and how to navigate and the learning curve was faster. It also helped me to get an SAP PO certification.

Kaisa, Finland

I always wanted to learn SAP PI/PO but never had the time. Recently I got on a that needed PI/PO integration. Your training is helping me to quickly solve integration issues.

Sven, Norway

The SAP PI course helped me to quickly hear about the main  aspects of integration and go into the practical work asap. Working in the aviation industry, requires me to reach very high standards in terms of work quality. PI course is the starting point to get into the topic of SAP integration – offering great value for its price.

Dejan Doder, Switzerland

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Daniel Graversen

Is a SAP integration expert. He has worked with SAP integration for 10+ years, all the way back from XI 3.0 to the newest SAP PO/PRO systems. He has helped large companies to get their integration correct but also worked with smaller companies. There has been 200+ students thru this online training and he has mentored customers all over the world to help them understand their integration better.

Daniel is the founder of and Figaf.
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