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SAP PI Integration

This is an introductory course that teaches you everything you need to know about SAP PI/PO integration. The course provides all the necessary material to get started with using SAP PI/PO development. The course has been designed so you can study at home, and get started doing SAP PI/PO integration developments as fast as possible.

The lectures are online, and there are 8+ hours of video to get you started with SAP PI/PO. Lectures include all the basic tools and information to get started doing SAP PI/PO development. Lessons include:

  • Architecture
  • Repository
  • Directory
  • NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS)
  • Adapters
  • Monitoring



This is a course that helps SAP PI developers enhance their BPMN developing speed. This course is for you if you have been developing with ccBPM, and now you want to migrate to PO single stack. I developed this online video course to make it easier for you to learn BPMN.

The course consists of 10 videos regarding all the topics that you need to know, such as:

  • Basic BPMN development
  • PI message integration
  • Data types
  • Integrating message mappings

There are also interviews with some of the leading SAP consultants and developers. This will give you insights on their learning journey and their strengths.


SAP PI/PO Intro course

Want to learn how to use the SAP adapters for PI/PO? The SAP Adapter course covers how to use the Proxy, IDoc and RFC/BAPI adapters. The course will teach you all the different things you need to know to create great integrations. There are tutorials for Proxy-to-Proxy. IDoc to file, File to IDoc, RFC to File and SOAP to RFC.

Read more on the course, and sign up to learn more about using the SAP PI/PO SAP adapter course.

RFC, IDOC and Proxy Adapter

If you have ever performed any message mappings, you know the challenges that come with them. Mapping is simple to get started with, but you will soon end up making more complex mappings where you are required to understand queues and contexts. This training course will help you gain a deeper understanding of queues and the development of User Defined Functions.

The training also covers Java mappings and XSL mappings, so you can simplify some of the mappings. Read more about this SAP PI/PO course on message mappings here.

Message Mapping training

B2B Add-on 

This is the first ever online course covering the subject of the new B2B add-on. The training consists of approximately 2 hours of video material.

The course will help you get started with using the B2B add-on. After a comprehensive overview, you will learn how to use all the relevant components. Furthermore, you will gain access to valuable resources. This is a comprehensive course for those who want to start doing B2B integration ASAP.

Read more about the B2B add-on training here: https://picourse.com/b2b/


B2B Add-on Training

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SAP PI PO Learning Survey

The following survey was created because we wanted to understand which is the best approach to getting started with learning SAP PI/PO.

It is free, and helps you figure out what kind of SAP PI/PO course or training will help you get started first as a developer.

Download the report now here: SAP PI PO Survey on how to learn best.

You probably have an interest in getting to know more about how you can become a part of the SAP PI ecosystem. You may already know something about SAP PI, have a background in SAP development or business consulting, or you may just have some experience with Java. I have seen that SAP PI developers come from many different backgrounds.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: "how do I become an SAP consultant"? My answer has always been this: It is not easy. Most SAP consultants /experts are hatched in some form of trainee path. For two reasons.

1)      Not access to systems. It used to cost 10.000-20.000€ to get an SAP license + hardware, OS and database licenses, and installation support. It is not something that everybody can afford just to learn on.

2)      You should have some real-life cases to practice on.

For 1) it has now changed quite a lot. SAP is helping developers to gain experience with their tools. It does make a lot of sense from their perspective. The more people know about using tools like Process Orchestration, the easier it is to sell it. Last year (if I remember correctly), SAP started putting out new products for developers to try.

With the use of Amazon Web services it is easy for anyone to host a server, without having to know about tuning and installing any products. I was starting the SAP PO package and had opened my Integration Builder in 60 minutes, while being on the train, with a shaky internet connection.

Because the experience is much harder to get at the moment, it will take time to get real customer experience. But at least you can try it out now.

I have created a video where I detail some of the information about why the area of SAP PI/PO is going to change a lot. I encourage you to watch it, and also share it to anybody who would like to be a PI/PO consultant.

I anticipate that we will be able to train even more PI consultants, to make it much easier for companies to get their integration needs solved. I do hope that some of the downloads/ AWS images till make this possible.