Daniel Graversen

Is a SAP integration expert. He has worked with SAP integration for 10+ years, all the way back from XI 3.0 to the newest SAP PO/PRO systems. He has helped large companies to get their integration correct but also worked with smaller companies. There has been 200+ students thru this online training and he has mentored customers all over the world to help them understand their integration better.

Daniel is the founder of PIcourse.com and Figaf.


The idea behind PICourse is to provide a platform to teach developers faster to become better. As a consultant I have seen may places where people did not have enough skills to perform a good mapping or architecture for an integration solution. The goal is to enable developers to be better faster so they could make better integration and enrich the companies they work for.

PIcourse is gives the opportunity in a cost effective way for companies and developers to get the skills to move them into integration jobs.


Figaf is active in the field of SAP PI/PO/PRO consultancy, with expertise in integration for companies. Our customers come in all sizes, from small SAP customers to some of the biggest companies in the world.

We have a lazy approach to integration, which means that we focus on making things work as easy as possible, with the least amount of effort from our customers. So what does this mean for you? If you hire Figaf to help with your project, we can optimize your SAP Integration solution to work more smoothly.

A core part of our services consists of providing help with strategic analysis of your integration strategy, and reviewing your current development. Your SAP consultant can make you more confident in what you have developed, or give you a different perspective on how you can make your integration work better.

I have to tell you, we spent hours looking for a PI course that explains PI in a very simple and easy way to understand. Yours was incredibly done, I must say. I went through many documentations and videos on/outside of SAP sites but none compared to yours.

Jerome, Aerospace

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