SAP Adapter course

Enables you to understand how to set up IDoc, RFC and Proxy adapters for connecting to SAP. They are key components of integrations.

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An important aspect of using these adapters is being able to troubleshoot, so the course contains various inputs on what you must /can do in certain areas, to find out what is troubling you. In the connectivity areas, I'll show how to troubleshoot scenarios and make sure the systems connect. I believe this is a lot different from just performing the trials where everything works.

I always wanted to learn SAP PI/PO but never had the time. Recently I got on a that needed PI/PO integration. Your training is helping me to quickly solve integration issues.

Sven, Norway, - about Figafs SAP PI course

You'll get:

  • 3+ hours of video material. The videos consist of both slides and live presentations of the system
  • Videos that covers the troubleshooting process of each adapter so you can find the common errors yourself
  • You will learn from one of the most experienced SAP Integration specialists, who will tell you what works in real life
  • Access to videos forever
  • Certificate upon completion

The SAP PI course helped me to quickly hear about the main aspects of integration and go into the practical work asap. Working in the aviation industry requires me to reach very high standards in terms of work quality. PI course is the starting point to get into the topic of SAP integration – offering great value for its price.

Dejan Doder, Switzerland, - about Figafs SAP PI course


You can take this training even if you are an SAP PI/PO developer who needs more information about how back-end integration works.

ABAP developers can also find the course relevant since there is information on how to code a proxy and use the framework to send messages.

If you have any questions, please have a look at our



  • Module 1: Introduction

    This module is an Introduction to the different adapters and when to use each of them.

  • Module 2: Proxy

    In this module you learn how to use the proxy adapter and create your own proxy sender and receiver ABAP code.

  • Module 3: IDoc

    In this module you will learn how to use the IDoc adapter. What is the relevant configuration to be performed to be able to send and receive IDocs to the system.

  • Module 4: RFC

    In this module you learn how to setup and use the RFC adapter both as sender and receiver.

  • Scenarios covered:


    – Proxy-to-File

    – IDoc-to-File

    – File-to-IDoc

    – RFC-to-File (Async)

    – SOAP-to-RFC

    – SOAP-to-Proxy

How long does it take?

You'll receive 4 hour video material. You should yourself count on investing some time in learning the content. Probably the course will in total take around 10 hours.

The time you'll need to spend will vary depending on your qualifications and your ambitions.


Receive your certificate by answering a few questions about content of the course.

Send an email to courses@picourse.com to receive your questions.


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I purchased the PI course and also the Adapter video course.  I viewed and studied his videos and about 6 months later I am proud to say that this course has paid dividends. I have landed a PI role, which I attribute mostly to Daniel's course material - I immediately emailed him to say 'Thank you' for getting my career where I've wanted it to be for the last few years!

Thanks again Daniel

R. Contreras, Texas - USA

Daniel Graversen

Is a SAP integration expert. He has worked with SAP integration for 10+ years, all the way back from XI 3.0 to the newest SAP PO/PRO systems. He has helped large companies to get their integration correct but also worked with smaller companies. There has been 200+ students thru this online training and he has mentored customers all over the world to help them understand their integration better.

Daniel is the founder of PIcourse.com and Figaf.
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