Challenging the use of ccBPM

Today I had a discussion with one of the pupils on teaching on how to create a scenario from SAP PI. From his initial description of the business process was something like, “get a idocs update database of the idocs update Send the stages documents to a receiving system and he did not have the…

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We dont need this java on PI

I was working with a client doing Bank (BCM) integration on the SAP PI platform. Everything was going well. Then I got into a talk around if we could get rid of this Java thing. Then I had a small issue… Since my focus was to make everything in the integration layer as simple as…

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Interviewing for a position

I was helping my client with hiring resources for an SAP PI project. It made me think a lot about how we are hiring people for projects. I’ll not explore personal fit, just how you figure out if the person you are hiring has the right skills. In the test I’m referring to experiences or…

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