How can I send multiple messages and ensure they are delivered in order?


For some scenarios, end systems want to ensure that they receive the messages in a specified order. SAP PI/PO does support Exactly Once In Order (EOIO) which is a built-in process that ensures that a message is delivered all the way to an adapter before you can see it.

In this video we will share two approaches for it.

  • You can set both interfaces on the same target system and then use maintain Order At Runtime. Then the messages will be delivered Exactly Once In Order (EOIO), so the top message is delivered first then the second interface.
  • If there is a need for the mapping for the second need to run after first has been delivered. You will have to send the messages again and sent it to a new ICO. Then use the same approach as the first, but just deliver the original message to Order_step2. Then in second ICO the message can be mapped the same way.



This Maintain Order at Runtime only works within a message to ensure it is not delivered to the same receiver at the same time. Another message can be delivered faster so if the order of the messages is important you will need to add the EOIO to the sender channel.


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