Exporting SAP PI/PO Message Mapping to Documentation


It is no longer possible to export XMI files from SAP PI Swing GUI (Graphical User Interface). However, there is a new way to create the documentation for the mappings. You can export the message mapping using the following method:

You need to install NWDS (NetWeaver Developer Studio) from SAP. You can find the latest version of NWDS on this link: https://nwds.sap.com/swdc/downloads/updates/netweaver/nwds/nw/731/doc/auto_latest_distributions.html. It does require a Service Marketplace user.

Once you have installed the studio, you can add the PO (Process Orchestration) system by going to Windows->Settings, where you will find the Enterprise Service browser. Enter the system information as below and save it.


SAP Message Mapping

Next, you can connect to the ESR (Enterprise Services Repository) and find the message mapping you want to edit.

In the context menu select Export to Spreadsheet.

Select the location of your file and press ‘save’.


SAP Message Mapping

You will then be able to see the different documentations of the mapping, together with the UDF (User Defined Field), and their more relevant information.
sap pi mapping docuemtnation

SAP Message Mapping

I hope this post helps you get your documentation working so you can share this with your project organization.


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