• q-iconWhat’s the difference between your PI and PO/PRO course?

    In the PI calls with dealing with messages based communication like ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). This course deals with interfaces, mappings and adapters. The PO/PRO course covers the BPMN process modeling and BRM for rules management.

  • q-iconDo you provide system access for a PRO system?

    No. But there are ways you can get access to it. SAP has different ways where you can get a SAP PRO system running at Amazon (AWS). You just pay for the time you have the servers running. If you remeber to turn the server off when you are not using it it will cost you between 50-100$ for a month. See http://picourse.com/system for more information.

  • q-iconWhich size should my company have if the courses and tools from Figaf should be relevant?

    The figaf tools are a set of tools that enable you to get more out of your PI /Pro system. They can be used by all companies using SAP and is aimed at being easy to implement and use.

  • q-iconOn which level are the courses? Which level should I have to follow them?

    The PI course is the introduction because you don’t need to have any prior experience to’s SAP PI/Pro before you attend them. They are good for Java or ABAP developers or people that I new to SAP.  If you are in doubt about the level then try the free introduction costs on PI this is the first module of the PI course. Some of this may be quite fast but will be covered in more details in later modules.

  • q-iconIs it a certain sequence of the courses?

    The best start course it the PI course, this gives an understanding of what the platform can do and what to learn about. Next up is the adapter and mapping courses that will give you as little more advanced inside in what the tools can do. And then there is the PO course which will enable you to do processes. If you’re going to used to B2B add-on then this is also a good course to take.

  • q-iconWhich problems do these courses address?

    Normally it has been difficult to get to learn SAP. SAP courses has been expensive and would require that you have a company to pay for them. PIcourse.com provide some cheaper to learn the skills at an affordable price. The courses also enables you to view the lessons when you want, so you can learn when you have the time and you can refer back to the videos when you face the challenges.

  • q-iconWhat will I be able to do after taking the courses?

    You will be able to understand how to use the SAP PI/PRO components and be able to figure out how to use the tools to explore more. It will not enable you to be an expert. Expert level require that you spend times on using the provided tools.

  • q-iconWhat qualifies me to receive a certificate after taking the courses?

    You will have to answer a set of questions about what you should have learned. If you answer correct you will get the certificate. Send an email when you are ready and you will receive the questions.

  • q-iconHow much can I save the company by taking these courses?

    Normally you will have to hire external consultants to perform you SAP PI/PRO work. If you are able to get an employee perform the development you can save about 50% on the integration cost. It will also give you the knowledge internally and fewer swaps from the external provider.

  • q-iconI can learn this for free on the internet, why take your training?

    You can go through the SAP help documents and learn how to use SAP PI/PRO. There is a lot of content and you will need to learn where to start. The content on PIcourse.com is curated with focus on what you need to learn to start developing interfaces. The training has been developed by a developer who has 10 years of experience of what works and how to implement the integrations.

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