How to get a SAP PI/PO system

I just found out something cool that I want to share! Did you know you can actually get SAP Process Orchestration System 7.5 SPS 3, with the B2B and operational process intelligence SPS 12? This is an intelligent business processing application that you can actually start in 65 minutes and run for under $2 per hour whenever you want to test out any front end business processes, etc.  This means you can just start up the application, run it, and test your processes for insights into how your operation is functioning.


Want to check it out? Go to, OR you can watch my video about how to get and run the SAP Process Orchestration. Also a little reminder — don’t forget to shut the program down when you’re not using it, because it’s a bit costly to have it running for $1.73 US per hour.

So please check out my video, like it, and share it with others who are looking into getting a new SAP training course.

Once you are ready to start learning check out my introduction course for SAP PI/PO.

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