How do we integrate SAP Application with cloud application using SAP PI/PO


Integration with the cloud is important. In this video, I’ll cover what are the different ways you can connect your to premise SAP PI/PO systems to any cloud provider.

One option is to use SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI/HCI) and the run content on your local SAP PI/PO system. This requires you have a license for SAP PO and a license for SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

The other option is to use the SOAP or REST adapter locally to connect with the applications using PI messages. A lot of the cloud application would use different ways of handling tokens.

  • One way to get the token is to perform a call in a lookup channel. This will simplify the flow that you have because you don’t need to use BPM to orchestrate the calls.
  • BPM to orchestrate the calls. Here you are using a BPMN model from SAP PO to handle the process. You would send the original message to it then make multiple calls out to PI to get token and perform the updates that you want. It is a little more cumbersome process.

For some big cloud applications like Successfactor or SalesForce, you will be able to find adapter made for that platform and it will be useful to use that. This will allow faster development time because they come with predefined approaches for getting tokens and handle authentication.

In the video below I’m sharing some on the topic.

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