Learning SAP PI and ROI (Return on Investment)

Learning SAP PI and ROI

Learning SAP PI and ROI

One of the biggest things you can invest in is learning. I believe education is one of the best areas for investing.

In this post I’ll share some of the ideas I have of learning, and why it pays to educate your employees.
When I got started with SAP XI 11 year ago, my employer spent €30,000 on my education. The courses were maybe $10,000 and then you have to add in extra money for individual learning and on-the-job training. In the next 5 years, which I spent working for the company, I was booked almost all the time. That is around 1,500 hours per year and they were most likely making more than €60/hour. That gives us €450,000, which is a nice return on the €30,000 invested in the beginning.
Another example could be my new mentoring program (http://picourse.com/mentoring-program/), where I help SAP PI beginners become better, and reach the level where they can do development by themselves. This is very similar to when I was learning SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) – the previous version. I always had a few people I could ask about issues and otherwise be able to develop myself.
The benefit of the program is that companies with only one PI developer will be able to do more of their work themselves. This means that companies could cut down on external consultants and use internal sources instead (maybe I haven’t thought this through, it may be bad for my business).
There is a huge difference between a beginner and a good developer. I am not saying that the beginner won’t be able to complete a certain integration, but there are differences in the following areas:
  • The time the developers need to figure out how to make a solution: an experienced developer will most likely be able to complete a project with limited/various solutions, while also working at a faster pace.
  • The performance level is also different – the more experience you have, the easier it will be to make a well-performing project.
  • Supportability will be better in the case of an expert who knows what is going on and what can be problematic. Therefore, it will be easier to maintain the solution.
Granted, there are also lots of education programs that do not offer any benefits – because you learn the wrong thing, or you’re not learning how to apply the theory. I have also participated in tons of courses that did not give me that same massive ROI – they were just was a waste of time. I have taken something away form the courses I attended, but they haven’t had the same impact.
What was the course you received the highest ROI from?



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