List of SAP Integrations tools from PI/PO to SCP Integration


SAP has quite a lot of integration tools. A lot of customers have asked which tool they should use for the integration. It ended up being quite a list and it was not all that i remembed on the spot, but i did get the onces that made the most sense for them.
SAP has the following tools:

  • SAP PI/PO Process Integration/Process Orchestration an ESB that is tailored to handle most integration based on messages. This is what most integration developers know to use.
  • SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) Integration/HCI is the cloud integration platform that contains pre delivered content and a flexible message flow.
  • Gateway is a way to expose SAP data as OData
  • API mangement is a way to give developers access to rest/odata services that works.
  • Application Interface Framework an ABAP based integration engine really useful for data conversion and error handling where business users can handle the errors.
  • ETL tools for synchronising data across databases. SAP has 6 different tools for it depending on what your needs are.

I recommend to view my video on the topic.



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