What are the main features of SAP Cloud Integration/HCI/CPI


The main reasons why you want to go with SAP Cloud Platform Integration(CPI) is the following.

  • It is a cloud-based solution so there is rapid development going on
  • It is able to leverage your investments in Message Mapping so you can reuse the same code for it.
  • It is a more flexible platform for integration. You don’t need to create BPM processes for handling most Cloud integrations that require getting tokens and updating in multiple HTTP/SOAP Rest Calls
  • It has a lot of pre-delivered content. So you can get started with the integration a lot faster.

What are the concerns that you will need to consider for the project

  • There is a limitation in the adapters available that may not match what you currently have on the on-premise system PI/PO. Some of the adapters may not make sense. But then you have other adapters for other scenarios.
  • There are the rapid development and new support packs and upgrade on the system that may affect your interfaces. SAP has an option to buy regression testing from them.
  • It is an immature system compared to SAP PI/PO
  • Cloud deployment may not be correct for all scenarios
  • Currently, the system is not capable of dealing with complex mappings in the UI.


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