Do you want to learn SAP Process Integration(PI/XI/PO) from an expert developer? Then this is your chance! Look at this great offer so you can start using PI now. Learn about all the relevant PI development topics with SAP Mentor Daniel Graversen,  and kick-start your learning path.

A trend is to automate as much as possible. This is something that we have seen for a long period of time within the SAP community. From the looks of it, this is something that companies will continue to invest in because it will make it easier to complete their processes.

SAP SE has created SAP Process Integration(PI), SAP Process Orchestration (PO), and an earlier integration software called SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI), to make system-to-system integration better. These are basically different revisions of the same product or tool, or different generations of it.

Before you are able to fully leverage PO and BPMN, you must understand how system-to-system integration works. This is the integration that was previously called PI, and gave developers the option to integrate with multiple different systems easily.

What has been on my mind for quite some time is the lack of venues where learning PI integration was possible. Whenever people came to ask me how I became an SAP PI developer, I could only say “Participate in the Standard SAP training that is held through live workshops- it also requires travel.” I have always loved to gain hands-on experience - and that is the way I learn best.

So that was my reason for creating the PI course for developers. I’m using all my knowledge on what works in real life, condensing it into a course that can get you started with PI. You can even try the course using your own system, as there is a 3-month trial system you can rent from Amazon.

You will get:

  • 7+ hours of video material. The videos consist of both slides and live presentations of the system
  • You will learn from one of the most experienced SAP Integration specialists, who will tell you what works in real life
  • Access to videos forever
  • Information on how you can set up your own SAP PO landscape; you only pay for the hosting


  • Developers who want to start with SAP PI/PO integration work. It is targeted at those who wish to know how to begin using SAP products
  • This course is also recommended to those who want to refresh their PI knowledge (maybe you haven't worked with PI for a while and you just want to make sure you're still on top of your game)
  • For your friend or colleague who wants to get access to SAP PI; please share the course with them

After attending the course:

  • You will be able to understand the different components associated with SAP PI
  • You will understand how the system works
  • You will be able to develop your own scenarios and perform the required mapping
  • You will have gained PI system training, and will be able to put it on your résumé

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Overview of all components
  • Developing Interfaces
  • Mapping and understanding how queues work
  • Configuration - how to set up an adapter’s file and SOAP adapters
  • Operational aspects
  • Introduction to BPMN

The course has been a live saver. I would be totally lost without your courses. I would recommend your courses as the very BEST resource I have found!

Daryl Post

Daniel Graversen - An Introduction



Daniel has been working as an SAP XI and SAP PI developer and consultant for over a decade. He could not find a good course to recommend to beginners; that inspired him to create courses of his own.

Daniel has been working as a freelancer for the past 10 years. He considers that he learned a lot from his clients, or to be specific, from all the different projects he had successfully completed. A lot of the time, he had to manage the migration process from older integration systems to SAP PO 7.5. He has acquired extra knowledge through hard work and dedication.

This PI course will get you started, and enable you to create your own integrations!

Just $297 pay $97 for access to the best SAP PI/PO course on the market!

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Bonus 1: SAP RFC and IDoc adapters

There is a bonus video concerning the use of RFC and IDoc adapters. I found that it was something that was required to get you started. The video also tells you how to set up your own ABAP-based system. This video has a value of $47. This is not the same as my full SAP adapter course, which covers the topic in more detail.

Bonus 2: Functional Specification

This is my best-selling product. It contains a document in which I have been focusing on how to reduce the time it takes to design the solutions you want. This is sold for $97.

Bonus 3: Technical Specification

This is a template that will enable you to save time on your documentation efforts. It focuses on the most important technical elements. This is sold for $97.

Bonus 4: PI Development process

The most important skill you can have is recognizing the right process. I will deconstruct my steps. This process will guide you through the questions you should ask the business. How do I select an adapter? Is there anything in the flow that should be considered? Value: $197.

Total bonus value: $338

After signing up for course and completing the training subjects , you will be able to get certificate for this course which can be shown every where you like , just email us after you done with course and it will be send to you.

After signing up for course and completing the training subjects , you will be able to get certificate for this course which can be shown every where you like , just email us after you done with course and it will be send to you.

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How much time does the course take? +

The instruction videos last around 7 hours; then you'll have to work on the exercises or your own projects, to effectively learn how to use the system. I estimate that 2-3 days will give you a good head start with the course.

The SAP Course for PI is a course which will get you started with the implementation of scenarios as soon as possible.

Just $297 $97 for access to the best SAP PI course!


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