PI course update to support PI/PO 7.5


The world is changing and technology is changing faster.

Creating training courses can be challenging, the material that you create have to be updated from time to time.

I wanted to let you know that I have updated my SAP PI/PO course to support PI/PO 7.5.

From a functional perspective, there is not that much that have changed over the last 3-4 years on the SAP PI/PO platform when dealing with messages. There are some new adapters, and some smarter ICO processing capabilities. But when I’m looking that the different there is not new.

The biggest difference between the courses is that I have been training longer and have gotten a lot more feedback on the courses. And I wanted to incorporate this in to the training.

I wanted to create a cool bonus to celebrate the new release. So if you buy now I’ll invite you to two free QA sessions I august where you can ask your questions on SAP PI/PO.

You can get the updated training now at


It is just 97$

I want to join the course and I’m looking forward the see you in the live QA calls.


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