SAP PI intro videos

The PI intro videos give you an introduction to SAP PI (Process Integration) /PO (Process Orchestration), and show you how to create your first scenario.

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  • You will get 2 x 40 minutes videos that gives you an an introduction to the SAP PI (Process Integration) /PO (Process Orchestration).
  • Description of everything required to create your first scenario with SAP PI.
  • You will learn from one of the most experienced SAP Integration specialists, who will tell you what works in real life.


Developers who want to start with SAP PI/PO integration. It is targeted at those who wish to know how to begin using SAP PI/PO. It is a benefit to have knowledge about how SAP ERP functions and know other programming languages. It is though not required - anybody can attend the training.

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  • Video 1

    Contains the two main parts:

    1. Introduction

    2. SAP PI Architecture

    3. Objects in SAP PI

  • Video 2

    How to create an end to end scenario:

    1. Repository objects creation

    2. Directory objects creation

    3. View that the scenario works

How long does it take?

You'll receive two videos each of 40 minutes. You should yourself count on investing some time in learning the content. Probably the intro course will in total take around 5 hours.

The time you'll need to spend will vary depending on your qualifications and your ambitions.



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You will receive these two PI introduction videos just by signing up to our Newsletter.

If you want to go directly to the SAP PI course you can find the course here; SAP PI course. The PI course will get you started with SAP integration and is at the moment priced at just $97.


Your videos are amazing. I'm a SAP PI consultant and am always looking to learn more about my profession.

I've always tried to find time to learn about the WAY SAP PI works (behind the scenes) and your video had really helped me get one step closer to that final understanding.

SAP PI Developer
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Daniel Graversen

Is a SAP integration expert. He has worked with SAP integration for 10+ years, all the way back from XI 3.0 to the newest SAP PO/PRO systems. He has helped large companies to get their integration correct but also worked with smaller companies. There has been 200+ students thru this online training and he has mentored customers all over the world to help them understand their integration better.

Daniel is the founder of PIcourse.com and Figaf.
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