What is the role of the decentral adapter engine for SAP PI/PO?


Uptime and performance are really big parameters for any enterprise. This video covers two concepts decentral adapter and multiplies SAP PI/PO system on how you can get a better uptime.

The decentral adapter engine is a way to make distribute the load on your SAP PI/PO system. There are two reasons for it.

  • Distribute integration across your landscape geographically. If you have a lot of integration going on in a remote datacenter it may be a good way to distribute your application.
  • Distribute load across interfaces. I have seen places where customers used important EDIFACT messages on one decentral Adapter engine. So they could run even if the main SAP PI/PO system was under heavy load.

You will still need to have the main PI/PO system and to deploy too. Then you can select where certain integration should run when performing the configuration.


Alternative approaches are to get a separate SAP PI/PO system which is not different. Then you just have two places to do your configuration in. This may give you a better uptime because they can be upgraded independently of each other.


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