SAP PI Asynchronous synchronous bridge without BPM


This SAP PI/PO bridge is the most commonly used and was one of the good things when it no longer required a ccBPM to run it. It’s used when you want to get the response from the service called back to some third party system.

The first ICO for this is normal, it is only in the communication channel that we set up that should be a response on this. The response ICO we must make sure that this is using the same sender interface as the receiver from the first ICO, and were using the virtual receiver to be the sender of the first ICO.

The modules on the receiver side should be the following.

I have tried with different settings, but it seems like it doesn’t care there is also the option of using interface and namespace but I haven’t verified if they work.

On the send aside we can use a plain soap adapter but it just never called. It is just easy to configure.

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  • Shaik

    September 11, 2017

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks .Great explaination on how to go about this kind of scenario and easy to follow.

    I had some queries : is the performance of asynchronous sync bridge if the rest service can handle only 10 20 concurrent calls and the asynchronous file interface sends lots of files in one hour for example there a way or setting in sap po while using asynchronous sync bridge we can do throttling of messages in po.

    Awaiting your opinion.

    Many thanks

    • Daniel Graversen

      September 12, 2017

      Hi Shaik

      Dont know if there is any performance impact.

      You can set the files at EOIO and then just have one queue you are processing messages with.
      Otherwise i think there is a standard limited on the rest adapter to only allow 10 calls at once.