SAP Teched 2016 from integration perspective


I wanted to create a short wrap up of what I got away from SAP Teched  Las Vegas on the topic of integration.

On the integration there is the following topics.

  • There will be a mixed landscape, onpremise and cloud
  • HCI (HCP IS) will not replace SAP PO for now
  • Not a lot of new functions on SAP PO, som improvements in the UI BPM
  • I hosted a good session on BPM, I’ll share more on that later, so stay tuned.
  • There was the first AIF hands on. AIF seems quite complex to get started with, but gives a lot of options.
  • SAP API management is there and SAP API hub is SAPs way to publish content
  • IoT it a completely new topic that we must cover on collecting and sending data to edge devices.
  • Testing was a big topic on how to do regression testing. There was two different session on it. I’ll share more on this later.

In the video I go into more details on the different topics.


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