SAP PI/PO Course on SAP Adapters

A course to answer all the questions you have about the RFC, IDoc, and Proxy adapters, so you can create strong integrations with SAP Back-Ends.

Even if you are just starting out with SAP PI/PO, you have probably found out already that it is useful to know all the details of SAP adapters. In most introductory courses, however, you won’t get to see how you’re supposed to make them work.


In the course I'm covering the PROXY/Enterprise Service Adapter, the IDoc AEX, and the RFC adapter. These are the adapters that all SAP developers must master before progressing with their studies in other areas of SAP. Most integrations will use one of those adapters to connect SAP ABAP base systems with other systems.

SAP Adapter Course

There are a lot of free materials out there that can give you information about setting up a specific adapter - this is quite helpful, and these resources will be used to accelerate your learning. I want to create one location where you have all the information you need.
In the presentation, I also share some of the best guides that I have found, so you can get everything directly from the source. Furthermore, I will also show you how to set up adapters, explaining what to pay attention to - in a detailed, structured video tutorial.

What makes this course different from the rest? The key strengths of my course are the following:

  1. I provide all the free information available on the subject, so you don't have to do extra research
  2. I provide guidance every step of the way
  3. I provide detailed explanations, tips, and advice that is not available elsewhere; I ultimately help you master SAP adapters, and become a pro at using them for various integration purposes

The Audience

You can use this training even if you are an SAP PI/PO developer who needs more information about how back-end integration works.
You value your time and want to learn with one of the top experts in the field of SAP Integration.
Basis consultants may find the course relevant because there are a lot of configurations needed to set up connections between SAP systems and PI/PO systems.
ABAP developers can also find the course relevant since there is information on how to code a proxy and use the framework to send messages.
An important aspect of using these adapters is being able to troubleshoot, so the course contains various inputs on what you must /can do in certain areas, to find out what is troubling you. In the connectivity areas, I'll show how to troubleshoot scenarios and make sure the systems connect. I believe this is a lot different from just performing the trials where everything works.

The Course Covers the Following Scenarios:

  • Proxy-to-File
  • IDoc-to-File
  • File-to-IDoc
  • RFC-to-File (Async)
  • SOAP-to-RFC
  • SOAP-to-Proxy
The scenarios covered here were created in the same way you would have normally developed them, so you can follow along when developing the interface.

I'm covering different scenarios, like IDoc-to-file and file-to-IDoc. You will also find references to a lot of the materials that you need in order to perform integrations.

The price of the course is $147
The course consists of around 3.5 hours of content. The following lessons are included:
  • Module 1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Adapter Types
  • SLD
  • SWCV
  • Users
  • Module 2 - Proxy
  • Proxy Introduction
  • Channel Configuration
  • Proxy Development Proxy-to-File
  • SOAP- to-Proxy
  • Proxy Tips and monitoring
  • Module 3 - IDoc
  • Preparations
  • Adapter Configuration
  • IDoc Sender
  • IDoc Receiver
  • IDoc Tips
  • Module 4 RFC
  • RFC
  • RFC Sender
  • RFC Receiver
  • RFC Tips


  The price of the course is only  $147

You receive all the videos, and you will be able to go back to them whenever you'd like.

You receive unlimited access to these videos, forever!

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After signing up for course and completing the training subjects, you will be entitle to get certificate for this course which can be shown everywhere you like, just email us after you done with course and it will be send to you.

About the Instructor

daniel-graversen-profile (1)Daniel Graversen is an appointed SAP Mentor for his contribution to the SAP PI/PO community. He is actively sharing what he learns and he sees what is coming. He has been developing SAP integrations for 10+ years. The interfaces he has delivered are processing critical business scenarios for big and small companies, processing messages with a value of over $1 billion every day.
Daniel has been involved in various projects: he has been mentoring in-house consultants who wanted to continue development work; he is also teaching people about starting their careers in SAP PI/PO, on his website:
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Daniel at:

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