What is the Service Registry in SAP PI/PO?


It is a place where you can store information about what services is on the which system. It is closely related to the UDDI which is the more generic approach for it. So you can use the UDDI from other providers if you do not find the SR enough.

In SR you can create classifications of your Services. Here you can describe that my service like Business Object, Line of Business, Delivery status or what would make the business able to search and reuse it.

On your service interface, you can then use these classifications to describe the service you have created. Once the service then is published people can search in SR or other UDDI for services with Business Object =  “SalesOrder” and then see all the services with this.

In the Directory, you have the option to publish your services ICO into the SR if it is a SOAP service.

Another place where the SR makes sense is if you have J2EE applications running on your PI system and want to call an ICO/Iflow via SOAP. Then you can publish the service and get access to the endpoints internally.


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