Synchronous- asynchronous bridge sync/async


Sync/async bridge is a process about getting data from synchronous web service and be able to use some of the adopters and capabilities of your systems that does not support synchronous mode. It is not a real robust pattern that you could use, but it does have some benefits in some areas for instance if you want our use the JMS adapter for synchronous communication.

You do not need to configure in this on sending side; it is at best effort /Synchronous message. On the receiving side you must add a module that will enable processing in another adapter and wait for the response.
Then you create another communication channel that used in a ICO or sender agreement. This channels should find a correlation ID in the message that it’s getting and set this as the methods are collated message-id. Then it should notify the original message about we got this new message and then the processing would continue.

You can see the modules for the receiver channel.

And for the sender channel here.

Notice that we have removed the CallSAPAdapter module here so nothing would become triggered.

There could be challenges running this on clustered environments. So make sure both sender and receiver are on the same node. 

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