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Since December 2013 almost 500 users have taken one or more of the six courses I offer at Figaf.com. I am very satisfied with the support, and it seems like the users are satisfies as well. I have recently announced my brand new SAP CPI course and at the same time, I invited people to send me testimonials about there experiences with my courses. Here are what some of them wrote, mixed with other comments I have got over the years:


“I liked your course. I bought the course before my new job as an integration consultant. I went the material through as an appetizer. When I started to use SAP PO in real life and I had an overview of basic functionalities and how to navigate and the learning curve was faster. It also helped me to get an SAP PO certification.

The videos contain opinions about what is good or not so good and practical experiences, it was not only sales speech.

Kaisa, Finland


“I always wanted to learn SAP PI/PO but never had the time. Recently I got on a that needed PI/PO integration. Your training is helping me to quickly solve integration issues.

Carlos, Spain


The SAP PI course helped me to quickly hear about the main aspects of integration and go into the practical work asap. Working in the aviation industry requires me to reach very high standards in terms of work quality. PI course is the starting point to get into the topic of SAP integration – offering great value for its price.

If you are looking for the best way to learn SAP PI/PO, then you are in the right place since the author is the leading worldwide representative. He shared his know-how in specialized video session – so no boring books to read.

Dejan, Switzerland


I have to tell you, we spent hours looking for a PI course that explains PI in a very simple and easy way to understand. Yours was incredibly done, I must say. I went through many documentations and videos on/outside of SAP sites but none compared to yours.”

Jerome, Aerospace


I found this course extremely helpful and I’m trying to do all the exercise exactly as you show in the videos.

E. Ceballos


The course has been a live saver. I would be totally lost without your courses. I would recommend your courses as the very BEST resource I have found!

Daryl Post


I purchased the PI course and also the Adapter video course. I viewed and studied his videos and about 6 months later I am proud to say that this course has paid dividends. I have landed a PI role, which I attribute mostly to Daniel’s course material – I immediately emailed him to say ‘Thank you’ for getting my career where I’ve wanted it to be for the last few years!

Thanks again Daniel

R. Contreras, Texas – USA


I used Daniel’s suite of BPMN sessions to get started in this area. The sessions provide a good introduction to all basic concepts and they’ve been a great help in taking the mystery out of BPMN for me. I can only give my best recommendations to this material!

Hans, Hougaard Consulting ApS


Your videos are amazing. I’m a SAP PI consultant and am always looking to learn more about my profession.

I’ve always tried to find time to learn about the way SAP PI works (behind the scenes) and your video had really helped me get one step closer to that final understanding.
SAP PI Developer


The full list of my courses looks as follow:

SAP CPI course

SAP PI course

SAP Mapping course

SAP Adaptor course

SAP B2B Ad-on course

SAP PO/BPMN course

I look forward to welcoming new satisfied costumers:)

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