Testing SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules

I wanted to try out how the new SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules engine compared to the BRM running on SAP Process Orchestration.

I create a video about how it works and how I compare it to the BRM on PO


SCP BRM is simple to get started with and enable users to make a decision table. It takes 1 hour to get started to use the service. My biggest challenge was to find the URL to invoke the service with. It ended up being https://bpmrulesruntimebpm-<s0000>trial.hanatrial.ondemand.com/

It would be nice if there was a UI for testing the services but that could probably come at a later state. So to test it you need to call the invoke APIs.

The help page can be found on https://help.sap.com/viewer/9d7cfeaba766433eaea8a29fdb8a688c/Cloud/en-US/773043baf1c24393af017cbaa46c7047.html

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