Why Am I Doing SAP PO Course?

SAP CourseMany clients and potential customers have asked me why the price of the course I am offering is so steep. I know that $97 might be a lot for some – that is why I also provide free tips, and a special payment plan for those who wish to learn SAP PI/PO from me. 


Obviously, the course is expensive in comparison with a $20 book. However, compared to a regular SAP course, which could cost you $2,000 or more, this course is actually a bargain. For example, a 3-day course with me as an instructor for a company costs $5,000 + expenses.


In the world of SAP, knowledge comes at a price. On the other hand, investing in an SAP course means investing in your future career. At the end of the course, you will have gained practical knowledge, which will enable you to get a better, higher-paying job.


Aside from creating courses and working as an SAP instructor, I also work as an SAP consultant. My consulting activities provide a steady income, as I work on projects that last for several months. My rate is around $130/hour.


If my mind was set exclusively on making money, I wouldn’t waste my time with online courses – you can clearly see that creating and maintaining PO Course is not the most efficient use of my time. In fact, creating and refining the course does take quite a lot of time.


So why am I doing this? Simply because I love teaching people about SAP Integration and get people to start develop real SAP PI/PO solutions. I want to train a new generation of great developers. To me, it is about making an impact. I want to make sure that I teach developers efficiently. I want to inspire developers to become better at what they do. Seeing them understand and effectively use SAP keeps me satisfied and motivated.


I hope that you find the course both efficient and interesting. There is a payment plan available: if you cannot afford a one-time payment of $97, you can pay the sum in 3 installments. I can assure you that you will get your money’s worth either way.


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